Erin Hughes and Al Ghostcat are back! This episode we try to get underneath a topic that has been floating around the mainstream new a lot lately, democracy. There has been a lot of discussion about the undermining of democracy in the US and other places in the last few years especially, so we took this episode to get far down below all the hoopla and see what exactly we democracy see is to us today.

Joey callously talks a ton of shit about this beloved philosophy / institution and Erin and Al have the objectionable task of sifting through all that shit to get to some productive perspectives. But they do a healthy amount of shit talking too.

There are some real thoughtful parts to this episode, and some truly offensive parts for the looking for that as well. Whatever you hold dear in the realm of American institutions prob gets a good dusting up on this one. As this as one of the topics Joey has been wanting to dig deep into for some time, and needed to get to before we wrapped up this podcast. This week we dump on democracy.

Plus we listen to some brand new tunes from Escape from the Zoo, C.A.M.P.S., and Askeados.




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Erin Hughes and Al Ghostcat get down this week to talk with Joey about misogyny in punk. It’s great that people are paying attention to the gross man shit that has been happening in society at large as well as our corner of it in the punk community. Calling this gross-man-behavior out is the first step to changing these offenders, changing ourselves, and changing our world. 

Talking about misogynistic behavior in the abstract can be confusing and diffuse. So today we confront a recent incident involving the punk band Stolen Wheelchairs and their troubling, misogynistic behavior. There are endless other examples we could have discussed, this one was the most recent we were aware of, so we used that as a vehicle to get under this overwhelming issue. 

One of the most wonderful and challenging realities of the culture we have today is that the misdeeds of culture creators surface. We are able to judge the art and the artist together. We are able to use this information to shape and protect our communities, however we often don’t have any personal connection to the situation we are judging. Far from the people involved we struggle to understand every facet of the complicated situation and come down with a clear verdict in our hearts. So instead of talking to the people involved in the situation we try to get under the issues from a distance, like so many of us need to in these situations where none of us have personal ties to the story. We talk about the admitted behaviors they participated in, the complexity of our distance from the situation, and their entirely inept response to a deeply wrong and misogynistic act. 

We also talk a ton of shit. 

AND we listen to tunes from Starving Wolves, Kārtël, Cop/Out, and Sick Pay.

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On this episode we try to untangle all the BACKWARD ass coverage of this 9/11: 20th anniversary memorial. We try yo get underneath all the endless bullshit people are telling themselves about who they were 20 years ago and the weird myth shit that was flying around all the media coverage of this day and how it has been used. Also…we talk a ton of shit! 

This is DEFINITELY NOT your normal 9/11 coverage. We don't lament any deaths except for who were murdered using the guise of that fateful day in 2001. But we also don't spin any conspiracy shit, so we walking a thin line. See if we hold up. 

plus we listen to tunes from Crazy & the Brains, Bridge City Sinners, Sorry Mom, and Cop/Out

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On the first part of this episode, Joey talks about the challenges facing the community as the world opens up again and the opportunities we have to redefine what it means to truly be together again. Whether it be in punk communities or others, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on who we want to be and intentionally reorganize ourselves to be that, together.

On the second part of the episode we look at the relationship between mass movements and elections. As we have gone from a summer of MASS protests only a year ago which clearly declared Black Lives Matter and demanded justice and accountability from the police to this summer where the streets are quiet of any major protests but filled with discussion of Biden’s plans and at least in NYC talk of the future (likely) police officer mayor of NYC. We look at some possible reasons for this change and talk some trash in the process.

Plus we listen to some tunes from La Armada, All Torn Up!, and Rebelmatic.


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Pansy is back this week, this time talking about punk shit. We talk about the best and worst of the culture we love. We talk about what attracted us here and why we still revel in this gutter today. We also talk about the elitist gate-keepers and backward shits who make us doubt our affinity. We talk about being drawn to the provocative and confrontational elements but also being frustrated by the inability of punk to grow and break with some basic ass elements it continues to cling to. This episode is a lil longer because we we talk a TON of shit about the state of punk today and the place we would like to take it to as well, but I can’t stress enough the amount of shit talking we do in this episode. We really outdid ourselves here. We go there time after time. Strap yourself in, this one gets bumpy.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Penny Dreadfuls, Pansy, Mandy and Cop/Out.

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Jehiel Winters from NYC’s Winter Wolf gets down to talk about the right-wing riot that invaded the Capitol on on Jan. 6th. We work past the mainstream media’s superficial analysis on this riot as an attack on democracy at large and go deeper to look at the white supremacist roots of this event. We talk about the Trumpian trajectory these fascists have been on for years, and how this minor racist rebellion will likely have major ripples in the days and years to come. On the second half of the show we discuss what all this shit means for us in our daily struggles for justice. We talk about the role the police played and also how we should see the fight to combat these right-wing extremists in relation to the struggle against systematic injustice by the police and the struggle for Black Lives. Don’t fret, we still manage to talk a ton of shit, get attacked multiple times by chickens, and properly explain how this Capitol riot in Gulliani’s Beyond the Thunderdome fantasy gone wild.

PLUS we listen to tunes from The Clash, Maafa, Winter Wolf, and All Torn Up!

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Al from Cop/Out, Trashy, and Leftover Crack and Kacie Kerrigan are back! We ring in the new year the only way we know how, talking shit and playing tunes. This episode we turn our sights to figuring out what is in store for us in 2021 but we don’t ignore the opportunity to take one last final dump on this dumpster fire of a year. We talk a ton of trash, sort through the things that need sorting through, find any kernels of goodness to carry with us into the next year, and make some extremely short sighted predictions about the fresh hell that awaits us next. It’s fun, but there is some feeble attempts to get some perspective in there too.

PLUS we listen to a bunch of 2020 tunes from Cop/Out, Days N Daze, All Torn Up!, and Pansy.

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Al from Cop/Out, Trashy, and Leftover Crack and Kacie Kerrigan get down to start a two part discussion about just how rough this year has really been. On this episode we focus on trying to get a grip of our grief.

We like so many others have suffered debilitating losses in our community. Grieving all of our friends, families and community members who have passed away has been overwhelming. Not being able to get together has made this so much harder. So we talk about grief in a few different ways from weird social media posts to petty self reflections to socially distant commiserations and more.

Al, Kacie, and I all recently lost a dear, dear brother and friend here in NYC. Alec Baillie of Leftover Crack was someone we knew very well, toured with for years, and w personally were very close to. His passing has been absolutely heart breaking to us and so many more here.

We and so many others here in NYC and around the world loved Alec with our whole hearts. By no means do we try to fully explore all of the beauty and the complexity of Alec Baillie. He meant so much to so many people. We make an attempt to touch on some of that in this episode. But mainly we wanted to honor our friend in some small way and also we wanted to talk about our journey to mourn him in some functional way. Hopefully in talking about this here it can help some other people get some perspective on this painful topic.

We know this is a hard topic, so we also tell some dumb stories and talk a ton of shit, as usual. It’s not all sadness, there is some joy in the pain.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Trashy, Leftover Crack, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Broken Dead.

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Justin, host of the New Monuments podcast, gets down this week to talk about his podcast and our relationship to this growing movement for racial justice. Justin talks to us about his recent reckoning to be more active in this monumental moment.

On the first part of the show we talk about whether OUR ideas are in fact changing or our world is changing. We discuss whether we should be confrontational or understanding in dealing with those changes in our ideas and/our our reality.

On the second part of the episode we talk about the challenges of organizing and what actions on our part would be commensurate with the times. We know Black Lives Matter, although we can all know this better, so we ask what can we DO to better understand this and live it. .

We are all coming into this moment from different perspectives, but it is exciting and exhilarating, and occasionally frustrating too, to see how ideas and actions clash as they do in this conversation on how to move forward together.

PLUS we listen to music from the newly released Shut It Down benefit compilation for The Movement for Black Lives with tunes from Minority Threat, The 1865, Thou, and Racetraitor. And we also play a shot from the past with Time Zone.

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Is voting really in our interest?

There is almost zero critical discussion in the mainstream media or in any political realm about whether voting in this society is reasonable or beneficial to the people. So we sort this shit out ourselves.

We get neck deep into whether there is justice in the voting booth. Brilliant and talented musician Pansy joins us to give us a healthy, international perspective on the wild political reality we live in as we talk about elections and democracy under capitalism.

We confront our own biases, shoot holes in the mainstreams unconscious, and endless ignorance surrounding this issue, and explore questions of privilege and empowerment related to our present voting predicament. We try to take nothing and no one for granted. AND we have a ton of fun talking shit while breaking it all down.

PLUS we listen to music from Power Trip (R.I.P. Riley Gale), Body Count, and Pansy.

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With a new wave of protests against the police happening all across the country following the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor some people have found it hard understand what these protest have been like and what they have been about. That’s understandable given that the mainstream media has us all spun out and confused, so we turned to covering this story how we think it should be covered, in detail, on the ground, and with a conscious bias.

We spent some time in the streets and spent some time reflecting and feel like we can give a pretty solid break down of what the protests against the police were like here in NYC after the protests in Minneapolis inspired us all in late May / early June 2020. We give detailed first hand accounts of what happened and what we saw, and also get our heads straight on just how we all should be looking at these protests against the police and this new wave of the Black Lives Matter movement that has swept across the country.

Everything the news is unfit and incapable of doing properly, we take as our mission here. We are totally biased, critical, and conscious about our updates from the front lines and from deep down in the underground.

PLUS we listen to some tunes from Killer of Sheep, Maafa, Soul Glo, and Ache.

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Quarantine Coverage Episode #4: Community

We are airing an episode this week that was recorded prior to the incredible rebellion that has erupted in the US following the racist and outrageous murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. We could not be more proud of the courageous protesters in the streets demanding justice for George Floyd and making is clear that Black Lives Matter. We are very eager to talk about those issues more on our podcast, however we did not want to distract from Black voices speaking about these issues or muddle anything with our perspective on these issues before everyone clearly heard from those leading this incredible movement. On this issue we choose to listen before we offer our perspective. So we are waiting to talk about these protests until we have listened more carefully and processed the insight and perspectives of Black voices leading this incredible moment in history. We hope to have an episode up soon, but won’t post until we feel we have truly taken the time to understand first.

So we chose to air the great episode we had scheduled to be released this week despite the fact that it is not talking about the incredibly important issues burning up our streets.

This week we talk about community in the time of Covid. We have three incredible contributions from musicians talking about this moment and helping us get some perspective on what punk community is and what we should be reflecting on during the quarantine. The punk community is so reliant on being able to congregate in a physical space together, since we so often don’t live in a single area and it is hard to maintain any perspective when we can’t be with our community, as we are essentially cut off from each other during this quarantine. So we distill what it means to maintain a healthy underground perspective when we are being bombarded by the mainstream and cut off from our community and friends.

With contributions from Paul Rivera of the La Armada, Danielle Kolker and Jesse Sternberg of Out if System Transfer, and Glenn Gentzke of Treads and InRod. Plus we listen to tunes from all these incredible bands AND Power Alone.

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Quarantine Coverage Episode #3: Days and Days N Daze in Quarantine

Whitney Flynn from Houston based folk punk phenomenon Days N Daze gets down to help us understand how to stay optimistic and focused during these darks days. She lifts our spirits as she talks to us about what she has been thinking during the quarantine, living in the chaos, and moving to NYC. And on the second half of the show we talk about Days N Daze new record “Show Me The Blueprints.” just released on Fat Wreck Chords.

Plus we hear two tunes from the new record from Days N Days, as well as a tune from Skull Caster and Apes of the State.

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Quarantine Coverage Episode #2: May Day.

We celebrate International Workers’ Day from our unemployed quarantine by focusing on how this unique moment in history has made people more conscious about the ills of capitalism, the necessity of workers, the potential of science, and the need for alternatives to our current sorry state. Since we can’t be in the streets together this holiday, we celebrate by trying to see the joy in the selflessness we are seeing around us and the potential for change even in the most selfish acts of ignorant conspiracy whackos.

We hear from Divin, a punk currently in a more literal lock down. He is in rehab and gives us his perspective on what’s going on there and out here in our own lockdowns. And we listen to music from Noogy, and two brand new songs from each of Days N Daze and Racetraitor’s new records.

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Quarantine Coverage Episode #1: Getting a Grip.

This week we have a DOUBLE SIZED episode with FOUR special guest contributors.

All our minds twisted up in this pandemic pandemonium we need to take some time to get a grip of ourselves, our thinking, and this moment. We spend this episode figuring out how to begin being reflective in this isolation.

With contributions from Dick Lucas of the Subhumans in the UK, Chris Mann of the California band Intro5pect, Bobette of Montreal’s Union Thugs, and artist and activist Vittoria from Milan, Italy.

PLUS we listen to music from the Subhumans, Union Thugs, Perdixion, and a brand new song from All Torn Up! 

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Sick of Corona virus coverage? Yeah, us too! So Justin and Jon from the band World War IX get down to talk a ton of shit about what WWIX has been doing and we have nothing substantive to add to people’s germ obsession. WWIX has a new singer, new tunes, new record, and a new unbelievable comic. I have heard some of the dumbest shit this week while people talking about the virus, let me assure you we have a TON OF DUMB SHIT TO SAY, but sadly you will need to rely on someone else to hear more about COVID-19. We just talk a lot of dumb punk shit, helping you live in the gutter a lil more comfortably. Super fun episode. We could not stop laughing, hope you can’t too.

Plus we listen to tunes from a bunch of great DIY NYC punk bands: WWIX, Witch Slap, Citizen Blast Kane, Axolotl, and RBNX

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Dani, Chris, Donny, and Sara from SoCal’s Intro5pect get down to talk about their genuinely unique blend of punk, why they stopped making it, and why they have started again. And when so many punx are getting timid or confused a out how to or whether to talk politics, Intro5pect gets deep down in it and helps us get our heads right about how to do left wing politics in punk. And we talk a lil shit about going to show also.

Plus we listen to tunes from Intro5pect, We the Heathens, and Apes of the State.

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We get neck deep in bougie-ass politics this week. We talk shit about voting; whether we should do it or not. We talk shit about the incoming from the Democratic primaries, the outgoing of the Trump impeachment, and try to sort through the endless electoral cycle of death in which we find ourselves. And we also talk a lot about why the mainstream media and culture work so hard to keep the confines of political debate narrowly defined. By restricting the topics we consider debatable and whom we can choose to debate about, our collective conscious and unconscious is stifled from growing, and saturated with ideas in the interest of a bunch of bourgie-ass suckas. We talk politics in a way NO ONE else is, and then we drag that shit into into the gutter on our level, where that shit belongs.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Maafa, Cop/Out, FEA, and Lupus.

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We get neck deep in bougie-ass politics this week. We talk shit about voting; whether we should do it or not. We talk shit about the incoming from the Democratic primaries, the outgoing of the Trump impeachment, and try to sort through the endless electoral cycle of death in which we find ourselves. And we also talk a lot about why the mainstream media and culture work so hard to keep the confines of political debate narrowly defined. By restricting the topics we consider debatable and whom we can choose to debate about, our collective conscious and unconscious is stifled from growing, and saturated with ideas in the interest of a bunch of bourgie-ass suckas. We talk politics in a way NO ONE else is, and then we drag that shit into into the gutter on our level, where that shit belongs.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Maafa, Cop/Out, FEA, and Lupus.

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Jesse, Whitney, Meagan, and Geoff of Houston's Days N Daze get down to talk about the trials and tribulations of this most recent Cracktober Fest with Cop/Out and Leftover Crack. We clear up any of the rumors and gossip swirling around about the tour, and talk about how the band has persevered and even thrived through all its more recent struggles. And we get neck deep in what it touring is really like when you live life on the road. Then on the second half of the show we go back to Days N Daze roots and find out how they got started, and how they all ended up together. And we also talk a lil bit about where they all headed now. We talk a healthy amount of shit in the midst of all those crazy ass stories and also manage to find that sobering, shining light behind all the darkness, just as they help us do in their sweet tunes.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Days N Daze, Chad hates George., Murder, and Cop/Out.

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Libby Lux from Portland based Bridge City Sinners gets down to talk about their recent tour with the The Goddamn Gallows and their recent appearance at Muddy Roots Fest. We talk a ton of shit and Libby regales us with a bunch of crazy ass stories from this tour, including right wing nuts getting the shit literally kicked out of them, and a flaming biker coming to their show in Virginia. We also talk about the challenges of being a female musician, and how we all can do better to respect the space and talent of the incredible women in our scene.

PLUS we listen to tunes from The Bridge City Sinners, Rum Rebellion, Ground Score, Escape from the Zoo and Cop/Out.

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Lauren from the Dispatches from the Underground Collective gets down to talk about the recent mass shootings in the US. On the first part of the show we talk about how more gun control laws are no panacea for this problem. On the second half we talk about the ideologies behind these shootings, especially the racism and misogyny that are emboldened by the insurgent right wing and we talk about how capitalism brings people to be susceptible to these ugly ideologies. And lastly we talk about the role we have in underground / DIY scene in combating these wretched ideologies as they pop up in our scenes and scenes in the same realm as ours.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Cliterati, Fat Heaven, and Cop/Out.

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Christina and Cody from Basement Dwellers and Punk Island get down to talk about all the sweet shit Basement Dwellers are doing holding down some of the best up and coming punk in DIY NYC. We talk about Cody’s band Alouth and also get neck deep in some of the best of what’s happening at Punk Island 2019 which is happening JUNE 22nd on Randall’s Island from 10 am to 8 pm and as always is ALL AGES and ALL FREE.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Alouth, Days N’ Daze, Killer of Sheep, and Intercourse.

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Scott Sturgeon aka Stza Crack of Leftöver Crack and Whitney Flynn of Days N Daze get down with Al Ghostcat of Cop/Out, film maker Ryan Kollin and artist Kaitlyn Chen in a seedy hotel in Miami for a Post Tour “Party” or whatever you want to call it. We wrap up this winter 2019 tour: “Still Crusty After All These Years” featuring Leftöver Crack - Days N Daze - and Cop/Out. We tell some fucked up stories from the road, and some good ones, talk a TON of shit … mostly we talk shit … and we talk about punk family and what that means. But we also talk about the new things on the horizon!

Whitney tells us about the new Days N Daze album in the works, her solo stuff, and gives us a sneak peak of a book she is writing. Sturgeon talks about the NEW Leftöver Crack songs that they have been performing live lately, and the NEW ALBUM they are working on, as well. He also gives us exclusive first NEWS of what CHOKING VICTIM is up to right now and in the near future! Plus we talk about the likelihood of the next Cracktober fest and we suss out lot of details about the upcoming Leftöver Crack brand crack/cocaine and crack/cocaine related accouterments coming to a bodega near you sooner than you wanted.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Cop/Out, Days N Daze, Leftöver Crack, and Intro5pect.

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Author Aaron Leonard gets down to talk about his new book “A Threat of the First Magnitude” which tells the untold story of the FBI informants who penetrated the upper reaches of organizations such as the Communist Party, USA, the Black Panther Party, the Revolutionary Union and other groups labeled threats to the internal security of the United States. I get a better idea of how Arron got this information, what this book is all about and how it applies to the radical and revolutionary work today. And Arron tells some crazy ass stories about digging through FBI files on revolutionaries and some of he wild shit he has found, and how the US government infiltrated into some wildly high positions and fucked up some great groups. Crazy, crazy shit.

Plus we are gonna listen to some music from Tigerman Woah, Grain Assault, Woody Guthrie and Dave Van Ronk.


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Danielle from Out of System Transfer gets down to confront misogyny and patriarchy in the mainstream as well in our every day life, and even in our own underground podcasts. Obviously Trump has called a lot of the worst misogynists to be more bold in our already backward society, we try to get a better understanding of the effects of that, as we also look at the incredible movements that have developed to empower women. We make sense of this moment we are in and talk about the incredible potential for change, societally as well as personally to reach toward genuine women's liberation. We are gonna talk about all of that and Out of System’s up coming national tour, as well as a healthy mouth of trash talking about your favorite bros.

Plus we are gonna listen to some music from Out of System Transfer, Crazy Baldhead, and Troll 2.

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Brett and Chris from NJ’s Crazy and the Brains get down to talk about their new album, their recent tour with Negative Approach and Leftöver Crack, and how they get their unique sound. Plus we talk about New Year’s resolutions and getting a grip on our life or world or whatever. And we wildly talk shit about everything you care about, a bunch of brutal tour stories, and which famous punks we most want to wrestle … and which wrestlers we’d need to get that done.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Negative Approach, Cool Grandma, and of course Crazy and the Brains. 

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Enrique from the Massachusetts band Los Bungalitos gets down to talk about their new album Nueva Inglaterra. We talk about the journey this wicked collection of musicians goes through when they make this blistering music, and Enrique shows us we can be positive and uplifting even while we are conscious and critical, something we all too often lose sight up when we are constantly buried under the bullshit. And of course we also manage to talk a ton of shit too, mostly about wiffle ball and the obvious intersection of politics and professional wrestling.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Los Bungalitos, Hivesmasher, and Intifada, Luis Diaz & Yallzee.



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Mani Mostofi from the band Racetraitor gets down to talk about current political in the US, the continuing rise of the far right, and political violence, the latter of which is sorely needed at this moment. In the wake of the horrible murders committed by a rightwing shooter in Pittsburgh as well as these whacked mail bombing attempts by a mega Trump supporter, the mainstream media and government officials have made a massive effort to cast all political violence in the same light, lumping together these backward nut jobs or crazy ass proud boys with the righteous struggle of antifascists here in the US. We sort all this out in a way the mainstream media is fully unwilling or unable to do, and Mani breaks it all down with incredible clarity.

THEN we talk about Racetraitor’s new album “2042”, listen to a few tracks from their album and also listen to a few songs from Redbait and La Armada.

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_381.mp3
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Jesse & Onion from Escape from the Zoo get down to talk about the new split record, “All Cells Are Bogus”, they just put out with Skull Caster. Then there is a healthy amount of stories and shit talking stories from the tour they just wrapped up together.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Skull Caster and Escape from the Zoo’s new record as well as Apes of the State and Mickey Rickshaw.

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_380.mp3
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Host Joey Steel recounts all of what happened this month as he filled in as one of the singers of Leftöver Crack on a short Canadian tour this month. Lauren of the DftU collective gets down to talk to Joey about what happened and anything we can learn from this whole ordeal. Leftöver Crack’s singer and guitar player, Scott Sturgeon aka Stza Crack and Brad Logan were denied entry into Canada. Joey happened to be with the band as well as David Tejas of the Krum Bums, Starving Wolves, and now the Casualties. They reflect on the good, the bad, and the Leftöver Crack of the tour. . . and they talk a bunch of shit.

PLUS we listen to music from Skull Caster, Starving Wolves, We Are the Union, and of course Leftöver Crack.

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Mike from the NYC/BX band Almost Aimless gets down to talk about anti-capitalism and veganism. We talk about the connection between these two outlooks, and debate whether if you are anti-capitalist you should also be a vegan or not. We walk through what these outlooks really are and whether or not they flow into and out of each other. And obviously we talk a ton of trash too.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Subhumans, Gather, Good Riddance, and of course Almost Aimless.

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_378.mp3
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Shawna Potter from War on Women gets down this week to discuss her music, the triumphs and challenges of bringing conscious, feminist punk music to the masses, and classic cartoon theme songs. But mostly we talk about War on Women’s amazing brand new album “Capture the Flag” available on Bridge Nine Records.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Cop/Out, The Charley Few, Sister Munch, Out.Live.Death, and of course we listen to a tune from War on Women’s new album.

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Cop/Out is a new punk band from NYC made up punx from a bunch of other incredible NYC bands. All of the Cop/Out members, John, Kate, and Al along with DftU host Joey Steel get down this week to talk about the band, their sound, and what brings them to do this new band, despite that they are all in other bands.

Then on the second half of the show we talk about Punk Island which everyone in Cop/Out organizes. We discuss why Punk Island is so incredible and why other fests obsessed with big, old names and making hordes of money just can’t bring the punk that Punk Island can.

PLUS we listen to Cop/Out, The Jukebox Romantics, Baby Got Back Talk, and Nevva.

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Kate Hoos gets down today to talk about Spring, sort of. We talk about the challenge of ending of the old and the struggles over the beginning of the new. Kate’s band Lady Bizness is coming to an end while she is starting new projects and developing her work as a photographer.

PLUS we listen to Lady Bizness, War on Women, Spandex, and Rats in the Wall.


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All Torn Up! members Jason Tancer, Cello Amati, and Joey Steel get interviewed by Ira Cogan for Maximum Rock'n'Roll issue #420. We talk about writing, band battles, how we have changed over the years, hating on the serenity prayer, making the world a better place, and the great scene we have in NYC. Plus we talk a ton of shit and I think we talk a out football and Trump somewhere in there, too.

Plus we listen to tunes from All Torn Up! and Jason and Joey’s other band Skull Caster.

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Davey Hooligan from the NYHC band Enziguri gets down to talk about everything from the bands newest release “Uptown Boogie Down” to piece of shit midwestern transplants (like Joey) ruining NYC and then we end up talking about anxiety and panic attacks. It all makes sense on the episode, I promise.

Plus we listen to tunes from Trashy, Lady Bizness, Broken Dead, and of course Enziguri

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Filthy Phill, former cohost of this podcast and frontman for the NYC punk band World War IX gets down this week to help me process and compare our adventures touring through Europe. We spend half the episode sifting through some of the weirder elements of the bohemian-esque lifestyle and of course we talk a lot of shit…literally this time. And we also talk about what’s new with Phill from bands to babies.

Plus we listen to tunes from WWIX, Screamin Rebel Angels, a band Phill and I were in together… THE WILL … from a lost recording we JUST released!

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Lauren Ross of the Dispatches from the Underground collective gets down to talk about the impact and fall out from the progress of the “Me Too” campaign as it tears through Hollywood and beyond. We get some perspective on how misogyny has ravaged the brains of all bros all around us, how coercion and sexual assault still ravage our society and how brave women are battling back to give us all a taste of the beautiful world we could have where women are not constantly demeaned and disempowered. And we engage the insane idea that “Me Too” could ever go too far in our lifetimes.

Plus we listen to tunes from X, Rats in the Wall, The Interrupters, and Sister Munch.

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Jay Crash and Kevin Hudson of the Portland punk band GROUND SCORE get down to defend pop punk in the face of Joey’s incessant ignorance, and talk about the past, present, and future of their band. Through the stories and shit talking we do end up getting some good solid perspective on community and punk in general too.

Plus we listen to tunes from GROUND SCORE’S brand new album, DIRTY KID DISCOUNT, NOOGY, and RATS IN THE WALL.

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Ryan Kollin, Lauren Ross, and Nicole Von Haack get down this week to talk shit about down and dirty DIY punk touring as we just got back from our month on the road with SKULL CASTER. Then on the second half of the show we review the authenticity of a horror (-esque) movie about punk touring, GREEN ROOM. And we leave you with a few simple ANTIFA tips on how punk bands can guard against ending up in these very real situations.


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Dick Lucas of the Subhumans, Citizen Fish, and Culture Shock gets down to talk about the intersection of politics and punk: past, present, and future. Plus we talk about his legendary bands and also manage to squeeze in a healthy dose of shit talking. 

Plus we listen to tunes from Subhumans, Citizens Fish, Culture Shock, Dragged In, Alouth, and All Torn Up!

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Jayne from the Brooklyn TransCore band Trashy is back...this time we talk about her work as a punk on a farm and then we talk about her work in the a member of Gotham Girls Roller Derby. We talk a ton of shit and Jayne sets my mind right as I sound like a sprayed shitbag for the first and I am sure last time in my life I may have actually been wrong about something. 

PLUS we listen to Jayne's band TRASHY and I play a tune from my band SKULL CASTER's newly released album...which we will be touring down the WEST COAST AND SOUTH WEST of the US to support...and we will be playing with some of the best bands out there, including DAYS N DAZE, so I play my fav song of theirs. AND we also play my fav. INTERRUPTERS tune. 

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Roger Walsh gets down this week to talk about his band Knucklehead’s new series of concept albums. We talk about being underground artists and the struggle to write and produce a record you are proud of with all the pressures and limitations that press upon us. And we talk a fair amount of shit as well. Plus we listen to a bunch of tunes from Knucklehead.

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Christine Kim gets down to talk about her non-profit My Dog is My Home which helps homeless humans and their pets...she also happens to be my wife so she talks a ton of shit about me too. 

PLUS we listen to The Minutemen, Toys that Kill, and Marine Corpse

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Jayne from Brooklyn TransCore band Trashy gets down to talk about her band and their Halloween cover band plans, and then on the second half of the show we talk about the newest American mass shooting. Jayne and I fully explain the issue better than any human ever has, and then lay out our very fair minded and well balanced gun control proposal which we fully expect the NRA will soon be endorsing as future legislation. 

PLUS we listen to tunes from Trashy, The Subhumans (U.K), and Corrupted Youth. 

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Shawn Refuse from Refuse Resist and Zero Rights gets down to talk about Refuse Resist’s ten year anniversary. On the first part of the episode we rejoice in the glory of one of Boston’s finest bands, Then on the second part of the discussion we mercilessly talk shit about our own bandmates and how lucky they obviously are to have us in their bands… I think… or vice versa, whatever. I know we definitely talked a ton of shit, that I am sure about. And we definitely commiserated, but whatever, listen and you sort it out. 

PLUS we listen to Disaster Strikes, Neighborhood Shit, Zero Rights, and of course Refuse Resist. 

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Kate Hoos of Lady Bizness, Cop/Out, and Punk Island is back this week to get down and talk about her other passion photography. We talk about how music and live photography go together, and then we break down how gender impacts all of this. We walk through how women are often encouraged into the visual arts and discouraged from performative arts, how we can change that, and how we can ensure to support all the artists in our scenes whatever type of art they make. 

Plus we listen to music from Lady Bizness, Basic Bitches, Enziguri, and Trophy Wife

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Boe Rainford, Dispatches from the Underground’s official T.V. correspondent gets down on the show this week for a lil introduction. We talk about the miserable way children ruin all our lives, from dragging parents down to ruining our commutes. In celebration of the end of summer we curmudgeon the fuck out of this episode. Enjoy.

Plus we listen to some tunes by Grain Assault, After the Fall, and Joey Steel and the Attitude Adjusters

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Jason Tancer, my brother and bandmate from All Torn Up!, gets down to get some perceptive on our recent ATU European tour with Leftöver Crack, and touring in other countries in general. We talk a ton of shit as usual, and hopefully give you a little bit of insight about what it is like to be on tour with LoC, but we also try to process some of the differences between bringing conscious punk music to shows in the US vs. shows abroad, and spend some time processing all the wonderful people we met all over who firmly live life outside the confines of capitalist relations and treated us like family! But mostly we just talk about dumb shit that happened on tour.

Plus we listen to tunes from Leftöver Crack, All Torn Up!, Atavistic Traits, Con Era, and Deathbus.

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Escape from the Zoo from Texas and We the Heathens from Wisconsin get down this week to talk a TON OF SHIT. We talk about their recent tour together, their blossoming love for each other, being stuck in the mud at Skatopia, pissing on lawns, shitting in bathtubs, Heathens unhealthy appreciation for White Claw, Jesse dipping his toe in the whip-it pool, Veronica playing mandolin for Slayer, and how We the Heathens have come to define Game of Thrones folk punk (unofficial). 

Plus we listen to Days N Daze, We the Heathens, Escape from the Zoo, and my band All Torn Up! which is currently on tour with Leftöver Crack

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Kate Hoos from Lady Bizness is back! She gets down to talk about misogyny in punk rock generally and in particular we talk about the Warped Tour controversy involving The Dickies and their misogynistic stage show/outburst. We also talk about War on Women's front woman Shawna Potter and her statement about punk today and confronting the dusty punks of yesterday. 

Plus we listen to tunes from War on Women, Lady Bizness, and Sister Munch

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Ev Gold from Cinema Cinema is back. This time Joey and Ev talk about the logical topic all NY hardcore musicians know most about. . . LOVE. Joey just got married and Ev is a romantic soul, or something like that, and these two explain the intricacies of the heart as only New York punks truly can. 

Plus we listen to music from Citizens Arrest, We The Heathens, Escape from the Zoo, and obviously Cinema Cinema. 


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Punk Island’s Kate Hoos of Hossatron and Al Rosenberg of Brooklyn Transcore get down to talk about our all ages / all free fest in NYC. We use this opportunity to talk about the importance of community and how we build it together from amongst the diverse group of punks we have here in NYC. Then we break down some of bands that people inside and outside of NYC should take note of and listen to a few of them.
Tunes from Sister Munch, Bowhead, There Are Four Lights, and Trashy.
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Steve Morton gets down to talk about CULTS. First we talk a bunch of shit about the hulu show THE PATH and try to see if there was anything worth taking from that mainstream show. And then we get a lil deeper on it all with our own personal and academic experience with cults and religious fanaticism, of which Steve and I are both minor experts on the subject. 

PLUS we listen to music from the Now or Never Tour that is going across the midwest and east coast featuring La Armada, Thulsa Doom, and Disaster Strikes and then we end the episode with an appropriate tune from Almost Aimless


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Days N Daze gets down to talk about their new album “Crustfall”. Geoff, Whitney, Jesse, and Meagan are all on together to give us all the background on the album, the writing, the lyrics, little behind the scenes details we are dying to know. Plus we talk about some fucked up tour stories and listen to a bunch of tracks from the album. 


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Ev Gold from Cinema Cinema gets down to talk about their new album "Man Bites Dog". We talk about the process of writing it, tell some fucked up stories surrounding it, and how they get that unique sound that is Cinema Cinema. PLUS we listen to a few unreleased tracks off their album that comes out April 28th. 


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Ira Cogan is back to talk about the incessant arguments that tear the left wing political people apart, and why these petty spats happen on our side more than the rightwing side. And then we talk about pain as we regale you with stories of our own suffering for your enjoyment. No one makes me feel more weak, frail, and broken than Ira, so we head straight into that pain like we were both built to do and talk it all out. 

Plus we listen to tunes from Almost Aimless, Skull Practitioners, Cinema Cinema, and Public Safety. 

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Lauren Ross from the Dispatches from the Underground collective gets down to try and find some good in main stream sci-fi and then we expose our bad side in our underground selves. We talk about HBO’s weird and wonderful, wild, wild WestWorld and then we delve into some of the shows subtle philosophical implications involving the public vs. the private self.

Plus we listen to some futuristic folk tunes from Dirty Kid Discount, Nomad Mountain Outlaw, Cush Dankson, and ShootDang.

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Rey Brutal from the NYHC band Ache gets down to talk about the trials and tribulations of putting out a top notch underground punk record and then we talk about the glory that is Ache's new album, Fade Away, and how Ache stays in front of the pack of making cutting edge tunes. PLUS we listen to music from Ache's new record, Chicago's La Armada, and Boston's Disaster Strikes. 


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Lauren and Steve from the Dispatches Collective get down to try to help me grasp the fuckitudeness of Trump's first month in office. We talk about Trump's miserable cabinet monsters, his plot to destroy immigrants, and the blood plots of Steve Bannon.

Plus we listen to tunes from Skum City, Lady Bizness, and Sister Munch (who update's MDC's classic by doing "Donald Trump is a Nazi").


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DftUnderground Episode 348

World War IX gets down to talk about their new record and comic. We talk a ton of shit about recording the record, and how they do their magic together, and we also obviously talk about cocaine and drug abuse a bunch, don't worry. We hit the hard stuff in this interview. 

Plus we listen World War IX's new tunes, and tunes from Broloaf and Honah Lee. 

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DftUnderground Episode 347

IRA COGAN and ACHE's REY BRUTAL get down to talk about the "TOP TEN ALBUMS that SHAPED THEM AS TEENAGERS" and then Joey shits all over their lists and talk about good music, and we talk a bunch of trash about the rest of y'all's lists. 

PLUS we listen to some good tunes from BOMB SCARE, ALL TORN UP!, and COPSTABBER

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DftUnderground Episode 346
BRAD LOGAN and EVA HALL to RATS IN THE WALL from Southern California pick me up on the side of the highway in California and we get down to talk about their incredible music, how they write music together, then we talk about which bands have the least women fans, and finally we talk about safe spaces and the challenge we have on many sides to make these places.

On a personal side note, I am in awe of this band! I love everyone in it and talking with one of my favorite riff writers and one of my favorite lyric writers about how they come up with what they do was super intense and interesting.

And we listen to music from Rats in the Wall, Maladjusted, and HIRS
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DftUnderground Episode 345

On the CHOKING VICTIM reunion tour Joey sat down with Stza, Skwert, and Alec to do their first interview together and as a band in over 15 years. We talk about the reunion tour, Trumps victory, America’s reaction, and the what’s in the future of us and THEM!

Plus we listen to Public Serpents, All Torn Up, Cliterati, Japan’sBrainwash Victim, and of course Choking Victim.

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DftUnderground Episode 344

Naomi Scott of the band Basic Bitches gets down to talk about the band, the new compilation of NY and NJ-based grrrl bands "Band Cramps" made as a benefit for the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls, and then we talk about the holidays and gift giving or whatever. 

Plus we listen to band from the "Band Cramps" compilation: Tonya Harding, Basic Bitches, Lady Bizness, Ellen and the Degenerates

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DftUnderground Episode 343
Jackie and Miles from the NYC band Material Support are back. We get down to talk about the work they and others do to help protect immigrants' rights in the face of real human trafficking that is happening all around us. Then we they try to talk me into appreciating the fantasy show, Game of Thrones. 
Plus we listen to Material Support and The Frightnrs. 
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DftUnderground Episode 342

Liz Rose and Josh Wilner of the Cali DIY space 924 Gilman St. and of the new 1986'd Music Industries record label get down to talk about the famous venue, their new label, and politics/punx shit. 

PLUS we listen to a bunch of tunes from the new label: Love Songs, Public Safety, La Plebe, and Sarchasm. 

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DftUnderground Episode 341

Maddie Ruthless and Matt Burdi from Brooklyn’s great reggae band The Far East are BACK. And I need to say this is one of my favorite episodes. I rarely laugh this hard, but this one killed me. They tell a horror story from tour complete with Juggalos, methheads, matching suits, cinnibuns and all the fucking eggs you can handle. Then we talk about what The Far East has planned in the future.

PLUS we play from tunes from The Ladrones, the Cash Registers, and of course The Far East

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DftUnderground Episode 340

Maddie Ruthless and Matt Burdi from Brooklyn’s great reggae band The Far East get down to talk about the craziness from their recent national tour opening for The Specials and playing Riot Fest.

Plus we listen tunes from The Frightnrs and The Far East

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DftUnderground Episode 339

We take a break from the 2016 disaster to talk with Mani & Paul from La Armada. We get down about their recent tour with A Wilhelm Scream as well as their tour in Mexico playing with bands like Sick of It All. Then we also talk about how they approach the topics they choose to write about in their lyrics

Plus we listen tunes from Death Vacation, Marine Corpse, and obviously a bunch of La Armada.


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DftUnderground Episode 338

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Zine are back for the second week in a row as we continue our election coverage by airing the FULL interview I did with a woman Trump supporter a few weeks ago. We try to break down her answers and understand them a bit better to see how gender and politics fall out in real life Trump minds. Plus we listen to The Ladrones, (A)Truth, and Askultura. 

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DftUnderground Episode 337

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Squad are here to fully break down the election and all the heavy gender issues that have surfaced during it, including the reality that sexual assault has been made an electoral issue and in the year we have the first main stream female candidate. Plus we listen to Trashy, All Torn Up, and War on Women

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DftUnderground Episode 336

Joey goes out and interviews a couple of ardent Trump supporters and tries to understand/expose what is really behind the dangerous Trump culture that has reared its vile self in the last few months.  

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DftUnderground Episode 335

Jackie and Miles from the NYC band Material Support get down to talk about their incredible band and then we dip into how the U.S. government attacks innocent people attempting to give aid to those in need with “material support” charges.

Plus we listen to a bunch of Material Support tunes, and Death Vacation as well as Namatay Sa Ingay.

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DftUnderground Episode 334

RIOT FEST: Chicago coverage PART DUEX. This is the second half of our Dispatches coverage of RIOT FEST CHICAGO. Steve, Al, and I went to Riot Fest and all we have to show for it is these huge smiles, and a ton of shit talking (and these shirts that prove we were there.)

This episode we talk shit about a bunch of bands, but honestly mostly about Dee Snyder. And we also get into some of the bands who really surprised us with incredible sets. 

Then we listen to some tunes from THE FAR EAST, The SWINGING UTTERS, WAR ON WOMEN, and OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. 

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DftUnderground Episode 333

This is the first of two episodes where we get into all the fun stories we could muster surrounding RIOT FEST: CHICAGO! Steve, Al, and I went to Riot Fest and had a blast and now we are gonna regale you with our stories of glory and triumph, and there are a few stories of bad bands and broken hearts or bones or whatever. LISTEN and enjoy. This is almost better than going in the first place!!! YAAAA

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DftUnderground Episode 332

Emily and Alyssa from the feminist zine crew Planet Bitch Squad are BACK. This time we talk about electoral misogyny, just plain old everyday misogyny, plain old everyday electorals, and the ever unTrump: Hillary. Get down with PBS on instagram @bitchsquadzine.

plus we listen to Pox (Oslo), Pox (NYC), Cloud Rat, and Rats in the Wall

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DftUnderground Episode 331

Gray Alldayo from My Pizza My World and Breaking Glass gets down to talk about his tunes and tours and then he plays us a lil something special. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_331.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 330

Lauren and Steve from the Dispatches from the Underground Collective and I pick through the Netflix show “Stranger Things” looking for cultural redemption in this mainstream wasteland. I think we make a good case for all not being lost. And then we reflect on the culture of our sad little youths.

With tunes from The Channeling, Intro5pect, and The Will

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DftUnderground Episode 329

At the beginning of August we went down to the protests to Shut Down City Hall that were being organized in lower Manhattan. We talked to Vienna Rye of Millions March NYC about what the protests were all about and about the Police Abolition movement!! Then we caught up with organizer John Fletcher at the protests and chatted about the state of radical resistance in 2016. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_329.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 328
Attorney Jacqueline Greene from Friedman & Gilbert & the National Lawyers Guild gets down to talk about the NLG, the opposition to the RNC, the escalation of attacks on protesters by law enforcement and what we can do to defend ourselves.
With tunes by: Ides, Aguirre, Material Support, and None Above All
Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_328.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 327

We got down with Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People's Project while we protested against the RNC in Cleveland and discussed the fight on the frontlines against fascism. Then on the second half Lauren, Steve, and I discuss the that front line by dissecting some of the backwards content Trump has been spewing. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_327.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 326

During the protests in Cleveland Joey talks to Sam from the Burning River Anarchist Distro about the protests against the Republican National Convention, and then Lauren, Joey, and Steve get some much needed underground perspective on Trump's speech from the RNC. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_326.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 325

Joey heads to the protests against the RNC in Cleveland, reports on the scene, and interviews a pro-Trump crazy, and some anti-Trump friends about what the vile slogan "Make America Great Again" really means. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_325.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 324

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Squad get down to talk about the production of their fantastic feminist zine on the first part of the show and then we get neck deep in the combat of street harassment 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_324.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 323

Alex and Nick of Indiana's Marine Corpse get down to talk about their music, the scene in Bloomington, and then we try to get some deeper perspective the murder of police, however you take that. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_323.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 322

Lauren and Antonio get down to reflect on Punk Island 2016: the ups, downs, trials, tribulations, and the over all struggle of making an underground, noncommercial, free DIY punk show

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_322.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 321

Brian Kleve breaks down the fucking "Brexit" while Joey calmly, very calmly explains why this will likely be the death of everything you have ever known to be decent, and the birth of the most backwards monsters you could imagine, but he does it calmly, so carry on or whatever. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_321.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 320

Chris Mann of The Grindbin Podcast, Intro5pect, Leftover Crack, and The Channeling gets down to talk about the tour we just finished together with Leftover Crack, Days N Daze, and All Torn Up! and all the greatness he is involved in and then, at the end,…we talk about trashy films

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_320.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 319

This week we remember Dan Klein of the Frigntnrs by re-airing an episode he was on in March. We talk about his illness and through it you also get a real sense of who he is and his tremendous character. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_319.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 318

Kate Hoos of Lady Business and Punk Island gets down to talk about the all the biz she does and then we talk Krystal Lake’s fashion statement #AmericaWasNeverGreat

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_318.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 317

Jason Tancer of All Torn Up! gets down to talk about the joys of summer shows and the sorrows of recording studios, DIY and beyond. 


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DftUnderground Episode 316

Lauren Ross, Chef and DftU Collective member gets down to talk about "Feed the 5000" and developing and building our own visions even while capitalists try to break us into building their vision everyday

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_316.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 315

Antonio Rodriguez of Punk Island and the DFTU Collective gets down to talk about PUNK ISLAND 2016 and then we get neck deep into Dispatches News trying and get some perspective on the plight of the Yazidi people in Iraq

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_315.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 314

Artist and screen printer Maya Perry gets down to talk about the relationship between art and music, and the physical trauma we endure for our love and our communities. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_314.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 313

Maddie Ruthless of The Far East is back to talk about putting emption into music and then we talk about racism in the mainstream

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_313.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 312

Steve Morton of SBC Bookings and Zero Rights is back to talk about the Rock Against Racism shows across the country and Long Island specifically, and then we talk about how to break with backwards ideas by looking closer at crazy conspiracy theory shit. 

Direct download: DftUnderground_Episode_312.mp3
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DftUnderground Episode 311

Whitney, Geoff, Gray and their band mates in My Pizza My World get down to talk about their collective/band, women at the front, dogs, some Ooof Crew shenanigans, and a mess of other shit. PLUS the folx in Nomad Mountain Outlaws.

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DftUnderground Episode 310

Feminist Neuroscientist Dr. Ann Fink gets down to talk about how oppression seeps out of our culture and into our biology. 

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