DftUnderground Episode 282

Roger Walsh of Knucklehead is back. We talk about how the Pope's visit to NYC is fucking up all our lives in every way possible, and Roger praises and breaks down the new film "Roger Waters The Wall" despite Joey's protests. 

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DftUnderground Episode 281

Steve Morton of Zero Rights gets down to talk about the band, failed health care, and we talk about the LeGrady family left down by this system and in need of the underground community's help 

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DftUnderground Episode 280

Lemon Cookie of NYC's Runny is back to talk about great front men & women, tells us a legendary shitty story, and then we talk about the deep seeded ignorance hidden behind future phones

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DftUnderground Episode 279

Ev Gold from Cinema Cinema gets down to talk about the band and he does a great job explaining to Joey why it is ignorant of him to hate on baseball 

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DftUnderground Episode 278

Aj from the band Namatay Sa Ingay gets down to talk about their music and their country, the Philippines. We talk about the the struggles the Filipino people endure. Also, in our attempt to combat this new wave of populist ignorance and xenophobia we get into what immigrants actually and courageously struggle through when they move to a new country by talking about Aj’s experiences. 

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