DftUnderground Episode 345

On the CHOKING VICTIM reunion tour Joey sat down with Stza, Skwert, and Alec to do their first interview together and as a band in over 15 years. We talk about the reunion tour, Trumps victory, America’s reaction, and the what’s in the future of us and THEM!

Plus we listen to Public Serpents, All Torn Up, Cliterati, Japan’sBrainwash Victim, and of course Choking Victim.

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DftUnderground Episode 344

Naomi Scott of the band Basic Bitches gets down to talk about the band, the new compilation of NY and NJ-based grrrl bands "Band Cramps" made as a benefit for the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls, and then we talk about the holidays and gift giving or whatever. 

Plus we listen to band from the "Band Cramps" compilation: Tonya Harding, Basic Bitches, Lady Bizness, Ellen and the Degenerates

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DftUnderground Episode 343
Jackie and Miles from the NYC band Material Support are back. We get down to talk about the work they and others do to help protect immigrants' rights in the face of real human trafficking that is happening all around us. Then we they try to talk me into appreciating the fantasy show, Game of Thrones. 
Plus we listen to Material Support and The Frightnrs. 
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DftUnderground Episode 342

Liz Rose and Josh Wilner of the Cali DIY space 924 Gilman St. and of the new 1986'd Music Industries record label get down to talk about the famous venue, their new label, and politics/punx shit. 

PLUS we listen to a bunch of tunes from the new label: Love Songs, Public Safety, La Plebe, and Sarchasm. 

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DftUnderground Episode 341

Maddie Ruthless and Matt Burdi from Brooklyn’s great reggae band The Far East are BACK. And I need to say this is one of my favorite episodes. I rarely laugh this hard, but this one killed me. They tell a horror story from tour complete with Juggalos, methheads, matching suits, cinnibuns and all the fucking eggs you can handle. Then we talk about what The Far East has planned in the future.

PLUS we play from tunes from The Ladrones, the Cash Registers, and of course The Far East

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DftUnderground Episode 340

Maddie Ruthless and Matt Burdi from Brooklyn’s great reggae band The Far East get down to talk about the craziness from their recent national tour opening for The Specials and playing Riot Fest.

Plus we listen tunes from The Frightnrs and The Far East

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DftUnderground Episode 339

We take a break from the 2016 disaster to talk with Mani & Paul from La Armada. We get down about their recent tour with A Wilhelm Scream as well as their tour in Mexico playing with bands like Sick of It All. Then we also talk about how they approach the topics they choose to write about in their lyrics

Plus we listen tunes from Death Vacation, Marine Corpse, and obviously a bunch of La Armada.


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DftUnderground Episode 338

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Zine are back for the second week in a row as we continue our election coverage by airing the FULL interview I did with a woman Trump supporter a few weeks ago. We try to break down her answers and understand them a bit better to see how gender and politics fall out in real life Trump minds. Plus we listen to The Ladrones, (A)Truth, and Askultura. 

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DftUnderground Episode 337

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Squad are here to fully break down the election and all the heavy gender issues that have surfaced during it, including the reality that sexual assault has been made an electoral issue and in the year we have the first main stream female candidate. Plus we listen to Trashy, All Torn Up, and War on Women

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DftUnderground Episode 336

Joey goes out and interviews a couple of ardent Trump supporters and tries to understand/expose what is really behind the dangerous Trump culture that has reared its vile self in the last few months.  

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DftUnderground Episode 335

Jackie and Miles from the NYC band Material Support get down to talk about their incredible band and then we dip into how the U.S. government attacks innocent people attempting to give aid to those in need with “material support” charges.

Plus we listen to a bunch of Material Support tunes, and Death Vacation as well as Namatay Sa Ingay.

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DftUnderground Episode 334

RIOT FEST: Chicago coverage PART DUEX. This is the second half of our Dispatches coverage of RIOT FEST CHICAGO. Steve, Al, and I went to Riot Fest and all we have to show for it is these huge smiles, and a ton of shit talking (and these shirts that prove we were there.)

This episode we talk shit about a bunch of bands, but honestly mostly about Dee Snyder. And we also get into some of the bands who really surprised us with incredible sets. 

Then we listen to some tunes from THE FAR EAST, The SWINGING UTTERS, WAR ON WOMEN, and OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. 

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DftUnderground Episode 333

This is the first of two episodes where we get into all the fun stories we could muster surrounding RIOT FEST: CHICAGO! Steve, Al, and I went to Riot Fest and had a blast and now we are gonna regale you with our stories of glory and triumph, and there are a few stories of bad bands and broken hearts or bones or whatever. LISTEN and enjoy. This is almost better than going in the first place!!! YAAAA

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DftUnderground Episode 332

Emily and Alyssa from the feminist zine crew Planet Bitch Squad are BACK. This time we talk about electoral misogyny, just plain old everyday misogyny, plain old everyday electorals, and the ever unTrump: Hillary. Get down with PBS on instagram @bitchsquadzine.

plus we listen to Pox (Oslo), Pox (NYC), Cloud Rat, and Rats in the Wall

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DftUnderground Episode 331

Gray Alldayo from My Pizza My World and Breaking Glass gets down to talk about his tunes and tours and then he plays us a lil something special. 

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DftUnderground Episode 330

Lauren and Steve from the Dispatches from the Underground Collective and I pick through the Netflix show “Stranger Things” looking for cultural redemption in this mainstream wasteland. I think we make a good case for all not being lost. And then we reflect on the culture of our sad little youths.

With tunes from The Channeling, Intro5pect, and The Will

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DftUnderground Episode 329

At the beginning of August we went down to the protests to Shut Down City Hall that were being organized in lower Manhattan. We talked to Vienna Rye of Millions March NYC about what the protests were all about and about the Police Abolition movement!! Then we caught up with organizer John Fletcher at the protests and chatted about the state of radical resistance in 2016. 

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DftUnderground Episode 328
Attorney Jacqueline Greene from Friedman & Gilbert & the National Lawyers Guild gets down to talk about the NLG, the opposition to the RNC, the escalation of attacks on protesters by law enforcement and what we can do to defend ourselves.
With tunes by: Ides, Aguirre, Material Support, and None Above All
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DftUnderground Episode 327

We got down with Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People's Project while we protested against the RNC in Cleveland and discussed the fight on the frontlines against fascism. Then on the second half Lauren, Steve, and I discuss the that front line by dissecting some of the backwards content Trump has been spewing. 

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DftUnderground Episode 326

During the protests in Cleveland Joey talks to Sam from the Burning River Anarchist Distro about the protests against the Republican National Convention, and then Lauren, Joey, and Steve get some much needed underground perspective on Trump's speech from the RNC. 

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DftUnderground Episode 325

Joey heads to the protests against the RNC in Cleveland, reports on the scene, and interviews a pro-Trump crazy, and some anti-Trump friends about what the vile slogan "Make America Great Again" really means. 

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DftUnderground Episode 324

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Squad get down to talk about the production of their fantastic feminist zine on the first part of the show and then we get neck deep in the combat of street harassment 

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DftUnderground Episode 323

Alex and Nick of Indiana's Marine Corpse get down to talk about their music, the scene in Bloomington, and then we try to get some deeper perspective the murder of police, however you take that. 

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DftUnderground Episode 322

Lauren and Antonio get down to reflect on Punk Island 2016: the ups, downs, trials, tribulations, and the over all struggle of making an underground, noncommercial, free DIY punk show

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DftUnderground Episode 321

Brian Kleve breaks down the fucking "Brexit" while Joey calmly, very calmly explains why this will likely be the death of everything you have ever known to be decent, and the birth of the most backwards monsters you could imagine, but he does it calmly, so carry on or whatever. 

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DftUnderground Episode 320

Chris Mann of The Grindbin Podcast, Intro5pect, Leftover Crack, and The Channeling gets down to talk about the tour we just finished together with Leftover Crack, Days N Daze, and All Torn Up! and all the greatness he is involved in and then, at the end,…we talk about trashy films

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DftUnderground Episode 319

This week we remember Dan Klein of the Frigntnrs by re-airing an episode he was on in March. We talk about his illness and through it you also get a real sense of who he is and his tremendous character. 

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DftUnderground Episode 318

Kate Hoos of Lady Business and Punk Island gets down to talk about the all the biz she does and then we talk Krystal Lake’s fashion statement #AmericaWasNeverGreat

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DftUnderground Episode 317

Jason Tancer of All Torn Up! gets down to talk about the joys of summer shows and the sorrows of recording studios, DIY and beyond. 


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DftUnderground Episode 316

Lauren Ross, Chef and DftU Collective member gets down to talk about "Feed the 5000" and developing and building our own visions even while capitalists try to break us into building their vision everyday

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DftUnderground Episode 315

Antonio Rodriguez of Punk Island and the DFTU Collective gets down to talk about PUNK ISLAND 2016 and then we get neck deep into Dispatches News trying and get some perspective on the plight of the Yazidi people in Iraq

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DftUnderground Episode 314

Artist and screen printer Maya Perry gets down to talk about the relationship between art and music, and the physical trauma we endure for our love and our communities. 

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DftUnderground Episode 313

Maddie Ruthless of The Far East is back to talk about putting emption into music and then we talk about racism in the mainstream

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DftUnderground Episode 312

Steve Morton of SBC Bookings and Zero Rights is back to talk about the Rock Against Racism shows across the country and Long Island specifically, and then we talk about how to break with backwards ideas by looking closer at crazy conspiracy theory shit. 

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DftUnderground Episode 311

Whitney, Geoff, Gray and their band mates in My Pizza My World get down to talk about their collective/band, women at the front, dogs, some Ooof Crew shenanigans, and a mess of other shit. PLUS the folx in Nomad Mountain Outlaws.

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DftUnderground Episode 310

Feminist Neuroscientist Dr. Ann Fink gets down to talk about how oppression seeps out of our culture and into our biology. 

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DftUnderground Episode 309

Jay Crash from Portland’s Dirty Kid Discount gets down to talk about the band, and how they are able to all make such dark magic together, and then he breaks down how to up the tour life.

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DftUnderground Episode 308

Maddie Ruthless of the Brooklyn reggae band The Far East gets down to talk about their incredible music. On the other side of the episode we talk a ton of shit about the elections. And this week Antonio Rodriguez brings us the first piece produced by the brand new Dispatches from the Underground Collective. 

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DftUnderground Episode 307

Ira Cogan is back. This time we talk about the good, the bad, and the confusing, ugly shit surrounding all this electoral politics we hear so much about. 

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DftUnderground Episode 306

Jeff Kaplan is back to talk about glory of science and the tunes that move him. Hail Science!  

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DftUnderground Episode 305

Danielle and Jesse from Out of System Transfer get down to talk about the struggle between education and action and then we talk about and listen to some of the best of folk punk. 

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DftUnderground Episode 304

Dan "Brukky" Klein of The Frightnrs and so much more gets down to talk about his incredible music, his recent diagnosis of A.L.S., and the struggle of living with that disease.

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DftUnderground Episode 303

Geoff Bell from the Houston thrashgrass band Days n Daze gets down to talk the gutbucket, DnD big plans, and crazy tour shit from the last two tours with Leftover Crack

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DftUnderground Episode 302

Chris of (A)Truth, Shirime, and EastRev Records gets down to talk about the new label, the new band, and then we talk some fucking non-sense about Zika Virus. 

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DftUnderground Episode 301

Jeff Kaplan from Two Man Advantage gets down to talk about the hockey punk legends and then we talk about love for this V-day.

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DftUnderground Episode 300

Dave Perry from Gözer is back on this, our special 300th episode! First Lemmy, then Bowie, then Abe Vigoda, and now . . . rock and roll? We talk about the death of rock and roll, and then we get neck deep into trying to sort out the elections in the empire. 

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DftUnderground Episode 299

Jeff Proctor of Razor Cake Zine gets down to talk about their magazine and their community, a bit about the L.A. punk scene, and we also talk about Skid Row and homelessness in L.A. 

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DftUnderground Episode 298

Danielle and Jesse from Out of System Transfer get down to talk about the band and we pick apart the new Star Wars film 

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DftUnderground Episode 297

Agent Jay of The Slackers gets down to talk about his upcoming Crazy Baldhead album, The Stereo Prophecy & Electric Hymns, and its album pre-sale on bigtun.es 

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DftUnderground Episode 296

Barry from Joyce Manor gets down to talk about the band, stage diving, and the struggle and reflection that surrounded the band's decision to speak out against people getting injured at their shows. 

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