Brett and Chris from NJ’s Crazy and the Brains get down to talk about their new album, their recent tour with Negative Approach and Leftöver Crack, and how they get their unique sound. Plus we talk about New Year’s resolutions and getting a grip on our life or world or whatever. And we wildly talk shit about everything you care about, a bunch of brutal tour stories, and which famous punks we most want to wrestle … and which wrestlers we’d need to get that done.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Negative Approach, Cool Grandma, and of course Crazy and the Brains. 

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Enrique from the Massachusetts band Los Bungalitos gets down to talk about their new album Nueva Inglaterra. We talk about the journey this wicked collection of musicians goes through when they make this blistering music, and Enrique shows us we can be positive and uplifting even while we are conscious and critical, something we all too often lose sight up when we are constantly buried under the bullshit. And of course we also manage to talk a ton of shit too, mostly about wiffle ball and the obvious intersection of politics and professional wrestling.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Los Bungalitos, Hivesmasher, and Intifada, Luis Diaz & Yallzee.



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Mani Mostofi from the band Racetraitor gets down to talk about current political in the US, the continuing rise of the far right, and political violence, the latter of which is sorely needed at this moment. In the wake of the horrible murders committed by a rightwing shooter in Pittsburgh as well as these whacked mail bombing attempts by a mega Trump supporter, the mainstream media and government officials have made a massive effort to cast all political violence in the same light, lumping together these backward nut jobs or crazy ass proud boys with the righteous struggle of antifascists here in the US. We sort all this out in a way the mainstream media is fully unwilling or unable to do, and Mani breaks it all down with incredible clarity.

THEN we talk about Racetraitor’s new album “2042”, listen to a few tracks from their album and also listen to a few songs from Redbait and La Armada.

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Jesse & Onion from Escape from the Zoo get down to talk about the new split record, “All Cells Are Bogus”, they just put out with Skull Caster. Then there is a healthy amount of stories and shit talking stories from the tour they just wrapped up together.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Skull Caster and Escape from the Zoo’s new record as well as Apes of the State and Mickey Rickshaw.

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Host Joey Steel recounts all of what happened this month as he filled in as one of the singers of Leftöver Crack on a short Canadian tour this month. Lauren of the DftU collective gets down to talk to Joey about what happened and anything we can learn from this whole ordeal. Leftöver Crack’s singer and guitar player, Scott Sturgeon aka Stza Crack and Brad Logan were denied entry into Canada. Joey happened to be with the band as well as David Tejas of the Krum Bums, Starving Wolves, and now the Casualties. They reflect on the good, the bad, and the Leftöver Crack of the tour. . . and they talk a bunch of shit.

PLUS we listen to music from Skull Caster, Starving Wolves, We Are the Union, and of course Leftöver Crack.

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Mike from the NYC/BX band Almost Aimless gets down to talk about anti-capitalism and veganism. We talk about the connection between these two outlooks, and debate whether if you are anti-capitalist you should also be a vegan or not. We walk through what these outlooks really are and whether or not they flow into and out of each other. And obviously we talk a ton of trash too.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Subhumans, Gather, Good Riddance, and of course Almost Aimless.

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Shawna Potter from War on Women gets down this week to discuss her music, the triumphs and challenges of bringing conscious, feminist punk music to the masses, and classic cartoon theme songs. But mostly we talk about War on Women’s amazing brand new album “Capture the Flag” available on Bridge Nine Records.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Cop/Out, The Charley Few, Sister Munch, Out.Live.Death, and of course we listen to a tune from War on Women’s new album.

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Cop/Out is a new punk band from NYC made up punx from a bunch of other incredible NYC bands. All of the Cop/Out members, John, Kate, and Al along with DftU host Joey Steel get down this week to talk about the band, their sound, and what brings them to do this new band, despite that they are all in other bands.

Then on the second half of the show we talk about Punk Island which everyone in Cop/Out organizes. We discuss why Punk Island is so incredible and why other fests obsessed with big, old names and making hordes of money just can’t bring the punk that Punk Island can.

PLUS we listen to Cop/Out, The Jukebox Romantics, Baby Got Back Talk, and Nevva.

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Kate Hoos gets down today to talk about Spring, sort of. We talk about the challenge of ending of the old and the struggles over the beginning of the new. Kate’s band Lady Bizness is coming to an end while she is starting new projects and developing her work as a photographer.

PLUS we listen to Lady Bizness, War on Women, Spandex, and Rats in the Wall.


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All Torn Up! members Jason Tancer, Cello Amati, and Joey Steel get interviewed by Ira Cogan for Maximum Rock'n'Roll issue #420. We talk about writing, band battles, how we have changed over the years, hating on the serenity prayer, making the world a better place, and the great scene we have in NYC. Plus we talk a ton of shit and I think we talk a out football and Trump somewhere in there, too.

Plus we listen to tunes from All Torn Up! and Jason and Joey’s other band Skull Caster.

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Davey Hooligan from the NYHC band Enziguri gets down to talk about everything from the bands newest release “Uptown Boogie Down” to piece of shit midwestern transplants (like Joey) ruining NYC and then we end up talking about anxiety and panic attacks. It all makes sense on the episode, I promise.

Plus we listen to tunes from Trashy, Lady Bizness, Broken Dead, and of course Enziguri

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Filthy Phill, former cohost of this podcast and frontman for the NYC punk band World War IX gets down this week to help me process and compare our adventures touring through Europe. We spend half the episode sifting through some of the weirder elements of the bohemian-esque lifestyle and of course we talk a lot of shit…literally this time. And we also talk about what’s new with Phill from bands to babies.

Plus we listen to tunes from WWIX, Screamin Rebel Angels, a band Phill and I were in together… THE WILL … from a lost recording we JUST released!

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Lauren Ross of the Dispatches from the Underground collective gets down to talk about the impact and fall out from the progress of the “Me Too” campaign as it tears through Hollywood and beyond. We get some perspective on how misogyny has ravaged the brains of all bros all around us, how coercion and sexual assault still ravage our society and how brave women are battling back to give us all a taste of the beautiful world we could have where women are not constantly demeaned and disempowered. And we engage the insane idea that “Me Too” could ever go too far in our lifetimes.

Plus we listen to tunes from X, Rats in the Wall, The Interrupters, and Sister Munch.

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Jay Crash and Kevin Hudson of the Portland punk band GROUND SCORE get down to defend pop punk in the face of Joey’s incessant ignorance, and talk about the past, present, and future of their band. Through the stories and shit talking we do end up getting some good solid perspective on community and punk in general too.

Plus we listen to tunes from GROUND SCORE’S brand new album, DIRTY KID DISCOUNT, NOOGY, and RATS IN THE WALL.

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Ryan Kollin, Lauren Ross, and Nicole Von Haack get down this week to talk shit about down and dirty DIY punk touring as we just got back from our month on the road with SKULL CASTER. Then on the second half of the show we review the authenticity of a horror (-esque) movie about punk touring, GREEN ROOM. And we leave you with a few simple ANTIFA tips on how punk bands can guard against ending up in these very real situations.


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