Scott Sturgeon aka Stza Crack of Leftöver Crack and Whitney Flynn of Days N Daze get down with Al Ghostcat of Cop/Out, film maker Ryan Kollin and artist Kaitlyn Chen in a seedy hotel in Miami for a Post Tour “Party” or whatever you want to call it. We wrap up this winter 2019 tour: “Still Crusty After All These Years” featuring Leftöver Crack - Days N Daze - and Cop/Out. We tell some fucked up stories from the road, and some good ones, talk a TON of shit … mostly we talk shit … and we talk about punk family and what that means. But we also talk about the new things on the horizon!

Whitney tells us about the new Days N Daze album in the works, her solo stuff, and gives us a sneak peak of a book she is writing. Sturgeon talks about the NEW Leftöver Crack songs that they have been performing live lately, and the NEW ALBUM they are working on, as well. He also gives us exclusive first NEWS of what CHOKING VICTIM is up to right now and in the near future! Plus we talk about the likelihood of the next Cracktober fest and we suss out lot of details about the upcoming Leftöver Crack brand crack/cocaine and crack/cocaine related accouterments coming to a bodega near you sooner than you wanted.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Cop/Out, Days N Daze, Leftöver Crack, and Intro5pect.

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