Episode 10

Filthy Phill needs your help and Joey Steel hates cops.

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Episode 9

Joey Steel and Filthy Phill revel in a good show, a '3 Min. Breakdown' featuring "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa, and bombing Libya.

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Episode 8

What makes a bad show and the rest of the interview with Chad from Bring Down the Hammer

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Episode 7

Mosh pit etiquette and an interview with Chad from Bring Down the Hammer

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Episode 6

Nationalism, racism, Malcom X, slavery, and hating the USA.

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New short format. In this episode we jusitufy hitting a woman, and talk all about RAPE!

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A very special interview episode. First we start with the brains, brawn AND beauty behin NYC Punk, Mike Santarpia and we close the show with local punk/hardcore celebrity Blackout Matt of the Blackout Shoppers.

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Episode 3

This is the Protest episode. Dig in.

We talk about: Why People are Protesing in the Middle East, Why Protesing Matters (& The Process of Learning), and How Protesting Has Changed In Recent Times.

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