Quarantine Coverage Episode #2: May Day.

We celebrate International Workers’ Day from our unemployed quarantine by focusing on how this unique moment in history has made people more conscious about the ills of capitalism, the necessity of workers, the potential of science, and the need for alternatives to our current sorry state. Since we can’t be in the streets together this holiday, we celebrate by trying to see the joy in the selflessness we are seeing around us and the potential for change even in the most selfish acts of ignorant conspiracy whackos.

We hear from Divin, a punk currently in a more literal lock down. He is in rehab and gives us his perspective on what’s going on there and out here in our own lockdowns. And we listen to music from Noogy, and two brand new songs from each of Days N Daze and Racetraitor’s new records.

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Quarantine Coverage Episode #1: Getting a Grip.

This week we have a DOUBLE SIZED episode with FOUR special guest contributors.

All our minds twisted up in this pandemic pandemonium we need to take some time to get a grip of ourselves, our thinking, and this moment. We spend this episode figuring out how to begin being reflective in this isolation.

With contributions from Dick Lucas of the Subhumans in the UK, Chris Mann of the California band Intro5pect, Bobette of Montreal’s Union Thugs, and artist and activist Vittoria from Milan, Italy.

PLUS we listen to music from the Subhumans, Union Thugs, Perdixion, and a brand new song from All Torn Up! 

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