Pansy is back this week, this time talking about punk shit. We talk about the best and worst of the culture we love. We talk about what attracted us here and why we still revel in this gutter today. We also talk about the elitist gate-keepers and backward shits who make us doubt our affinity. We talk about being drawn to the provocative and confrontational elements but also being frustrated by the inability of punk to grow and break with some basic ass elements it continues to cling to. This episode is a lil longer because we we talk a TON of shit about the state of punk today and the place we would like to take it to as well, but I can’t stress enough the amount of shit talking we do in this episode. We really outdid ourselves here. We go there time after time. Strap yourself in, this one gets bumpy.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Penny Dreadfuls, Pansy, Mandy and Cop/Out.

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