With a new wave of protests against the police happening all across the country following the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor some people have found it hard understand what these protest have been like and what they have been about. That’s understandable given that the mainstream media has us all spun out and confused, so we turned to covering this story how we think it should be covered, in detail, on the ground, and with a conscious bias.

We spent some time in the streets and spent some time reflecting and feel like we can give a pretty solid break down of what the protests against the police were like here in NYC after the protests in Minneapolis inspired us all in late May / early June 2020. We give detailed first hand accounts of what happened and what we saw, and also get our heads straight on just how we all should be looking at these protests against the police and this new wave of the Black Lives Matter movement that has swept across the country.

Everything the news is unfit and incapable of doing properly, we take as our mission here. We are totally biased, critical, and conscious about our updates from the front lines and from deep down in the underground.

PLUS we listen to some tunes from Killer of Sheep, Maafa, Soul Glo, and Ache.

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