Al from Cop/Out, Trashy, and Leftover Crack and Kacie Kerrigan are back! We ring in the new year the only way we know how, talking shit and playing tunes. This episode we turn our sights to figuring out what is in store for us in 2021 but we don’t ignore the opportunity to take one last final dump on this dumpster fire of a year. We talk a ton of trash, sort through the things that need sorting through, find any kernels of goodness to carry with us into the next year, and make some extremely short sighted predictions about the fresh hell that awaits us next. It’s fun, but there is some feeble attempts to get some perspective in there too.

PLUS we listen to a bunch of 2020 tunes from Cop/Out, Days N Daze, All Torn Up!, and Pansy.

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Al from Cop/Out, Trashy, and Leftover Crack and Kacie Kerrigan get down to start a two part discussion about just how rough this year has really been. On this episode we focus on trying to get a grip of our grief.

We like so many others have suffered debilitating losses in our community. Grieving all of our friends, families and community members who have passed away has been overwhelming. Not being able to get together has made this so much harder. So we talk about grief in a few different ways from weird social media posts to petty self reflections to socially distant commiserations and more.

Al, Kacie, and I all recently lost a dear, dear brother and friend here in NYC. Alec Baillie of Leftover Crack was someone we knew very well, toured with for years, and w personally were very close to. His passing has been absolutely heart breaking to us and so many more here.

We and so many others here in NYC and around the world loved Alec with our whole hearts. By no means do we try to fully explore all of the beauty and the complexity of Alec Baillie. He meant so much to so many people. We make an attempt to touch on some of that in this episode. But mainly we wanted to honor our friend in some small way and also we wanted to talk about our journey to mourn him in some functional way. Hopefully in talking about this here it can help some other people get some perspective on this painful topic.

We know this is a hard topic, so we also tell some dumb stories and talk a ton of shit, as usual. It’s not all sadness, there is some joy in the pain.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Trashy, Leftover Crack, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Broken Dead.

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