Quarantine Coverage Episode #4: Community

We are airing an episode this week that was recorded prior to the incredible rebellion that has erupted in the US following the racist and outrageous murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. We could not be more proud of the courageous protesters in the streets demanding justice for George Floyd and making is clear that Black Lives Matter. We are very eager to talk about those issues more on our podcast, however we did not want to distract from Black voices speaking about these issues or muddle anything with our perspective on these issues before everyone clearly heard from those leading this incredible movement. On this issue we choose to listen before we offer our perspective. So we are waiting to talk about these protests until we have listened more carefully and processed the insight and perspectives of Black voices leading this incredible moment in history. We hope to have an episode up soon, but won’t post until we feel we have truly taken the time to understand first.

So we chose to air the great episode we had scheduled to be released this week despite the fact that it is not talking about the incredibly important issues burning up our streets.

This week we talk about community in the time of Covid. We have three incredible contributions from musicians talking about this moment and helping us get some perspective on what punk community is and what we should be reflecting on during the quarantine. The punk community is so reliant on being able to congregate in a physical space together, since we so often don’t live in a single area and it is hard to maintain any perspective when we can’t be with our community, as we are essentially cut off from each other during this quarantine. So we distill what it means to maintain a healthy underground perspective when we are being bombarded by the mainstream and cut off from our community and friends.

With contributions from Paul Rivera of the La Armada, Danielle Kolker and Jesse Sternberg of Out if System Transfer, and Glenn Gentzke of Treads and InRod. Plus we listen to tunes from all these incredible bands AND Power Alone.

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