Sick of Corona virus coverage? Yeah, us too! So Justin and Jon from the band World War IX get down to talk a ton of shit about what WWIX has been doing and we have nothing substantive to add to people’s germ obsession. WWIX has a new singer, new tunes, new record, and a new unbelievable comic. I have heard some of the dumbest shit this week while people talking about the virus, let me assure you we have a TON OF DUMB SHIT TO SAY, but sadly you will need to rely on someone else to hear more about COVID-19. We just talk a lot of dumb punk shit, helping you live in the gutter a lil more comfortably. Super fun episode. We could not stop laughing, hope you can’t too.

Plus we listen to tunes from a bunch of great DIY NYC punk bands: WWIX, Witch Slap, Citizen Blast Kane, Axolotl, and RBNX

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Dani, Chris, Donny, and Sara from SoCal’s Intro5pect get down to talk about their genuinely unique blend of punk, why they stopped making it, and why they have started again. And when so many punx are getting timid or confused a out how to or whether to talk politics, Intro5pect gets deep down in it and helps us get our heads right about how to do left wing politics in punk. And we talk a lil shit about going to show also.

Plus we listen to tunes from Intro5pect, We the Heathens, and Apes of the State.

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