DftUnderground Episode 303

Geoff Bell from the Houston thrashgrass band Days n Daze gets down to talk the gutbucket, DnD big plans, and crazy tour shit from the last two tours with Leftover Crack

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DftUnderground Episode 302

Chris of (A)Truth, Shirime, and EastRev Records gets down to talk about the new label, the new band, and then we talk some fucking non-sense about Zika Virus. 

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DftUnderground Episode 301

Jeff Kaplan from Two Man Advantage gets down to talk about the hockey punk legends and then we talk about love for this V-day.

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DftUnderground Episode 300

Dave Perry from Gözer is back on this, our special 300th episode! First Lemmy, then Bowie, then Abe Vigoda, and now . . . rock and roll? We talk about the death of rock and roll, and then we get neck deep into trying to sort out the elections in the empire. 

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