On the first part of this episode, Joey talks about the challenges facing the community as the world opens up again and the opportunities we have to redefine what it means to truly be together again. Whether it be in punk communities or others, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on who we want to be and intentionally reorganize ourselves to be that, together.

On the second part of the episode we look at the relationship between mass movements and elections. As we have gone from a summer of MASS protests only a year ago which clearly declared Black Lives Matter and demanded justice and accountability from the police to this summer where the streets are quiet of any major protests but filled with discussion of Biden’s plans and at least in NYC talk of the future (likely) police officer mayor of NYC. We look at some possible reasons for this change and talk some trash in the process.

Plus we listen to some tunes from La Armada, All Torn Up!, and Rebelmatic.


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