DftUnderground Episode 295

Filthy Phill is back again! This time we finally get some answers. First we talk about the holiday season and then Phill gets "honest" about why he abandoned this show while Joey talks a ton of shit. 

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DftUnderground Episode 294

In honor of their HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS annual show, this week Bryan Kienlen of The Bouncing Souls and George Rebelo of BS and Hot Water Music get down to talk about their music, their bands, some past gems of the NY scene, and the amazing punk community they have forged through the years. 

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DftUnderground Episode 293

Dave Perry from GÖZER gets gets down to talk about the band and we also ring in the holidays by talking about festive American seasonal Mass Shootings while Joey blames it all on punx


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DftUnderground Episode 292

Filthy Phill of World War IX returns to Dispatches from the Underground to talk about the trials and tribulations of punk tours with a bunch of stories from All Torn Up and WWIX's recent tours

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DftUnderground Episode 291

Stza Crack a.k.a. Scott Sturgeon of Leftover Crack and Joey bullshit about Cracktoberfest 2015 tour with LoC, Days N Daze, and All Torn Up. Then they talk about ending the drug war, and the new LoC album, Constructs of the State and a bunch of other shit. 

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DftUnderground Episode 290

Meagan, Whitney, and Jesse from Houston's Thrashgrass queens and kings Days N Daze  get down at the end of Cracktoberfest 2015 in Miami to talk about tour, life, and their next steps in world domination. Plus we have some special guest appearances from Stza of Leftöver Crack and some other folks in All Torn Up, My Pizza My World, and Escape the Zoo. 

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DftUnderground Episode 289

AJ from Namatay Sa Ingay returns to talk about Aklasan Records and breaks down the best of punk bands from Philippines to NYC.  

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DftUnderground Episode 288

Roger from Knucklehead is back to talk about the creative process collectively in terms of writing tunes and in terms of personal self expression.

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DftUnderground Episode 287

Davey Hooligan from Enziguri gets down to talk about their tune, Daydream and Delinquents,  which is good people who need to do things they may not want to do in other circumstances simply to get by, and then we reflect on substance less art of the hipster herd. 

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DftUnderground Episode 286

Steve Morton from Zero Rights celebrates Halloween with us, and then we talk about the plight of our times, borders.

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DftUnderground Episode 285

Ev Gold from Cinema Cinema talks about tour life, leaving the comfort zone, and musicians building with emotion and technical skill.

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DftUnderground Episode 284

Maca is back to talk rats, and loving that which this society has deemed unlovable. Then we talk about bringing compassion into a scene that value aggression.

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DftUnderground Episode 283

Davey Hooligan of the Bronx hardcore band Enziguri gets down to talk about the band, the BX scene around Alfie’s, and delicious vegan grub. 

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DftUnderground Episode 282

Roger Walsh of Knucklehead is back. We talk about how the Pope's visit to NYC is fucking up all our lives in every way possible, and Roger praises and breaks down the new film "Roger Waters The Wall" despite Joey's protests. 

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DftUnderground Episode 281

Steve Morton of Zero Rights gets down to talk about the band, failed health care, and we talk about the LeGrady family left down by this system and in need of the underground community's help 

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DftUnderground Episode 280

Lemon Cookie of NYC's Runny is back to talk about great front men & women, tells us a legendary shitty story, and then we talk about the deep seeded ignorance hidden behind future phones

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DftUnderground Episode 279

Ev Gold from Cinema Cinema gets down to talk about the band and he does a great job explaining to Joey why it is ignorant of him to hate on baseball 

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DftUnderground Episode 278

Aj from the band Namatay Sa Ingay gets down to talk about their music and their country, the Philippines. We talk about the the struggles the Filipino people endure. Also, in our attempt to combat this new wave of populist ignorance and xenophobia we get into what immigrants actually and courageously struggle through when they move to a new country by talking about Aj’s experiences. 

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DftUnderground Episode 277

Author and activist, Conor A. Gallagher is back to talk about the truth of FBI infiltration as detailed in his new book ‘Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on America's Maoists The Revolutionary Union / Revolutionary Communist Party 1968-1980’. Then we talk about Halt and Catch Fire’s use of great hardcore tunes in that T.V. show. 

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DftUnderground Episode 276

Animal Liberation activist, Maca, comes on the show to talk about the struggle for animal rights and what it takes to bring our actions in line with our ideas, and then we talk about the media storm around Cecil the Lion and what was really going on behind the coverage of this atrocity.  

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DftUnderground Episode 275

Prince Lion Sound gets down this week. We talk a bunch of shit about Donald Trump, and how he may sadly be the most representative fuck-face to run this pigsty. Then we turn to summer reading.  

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DftUnderground Episode 274

Roger from the NYC punk band Knucklehead is back to talk about being sober in a profoundly un-sober world, and the recent tumult around fracking

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DftUnderground Episode 273

Lemon Cookie from Runny gets down to talk about that band’s sweet tunes and their wild side. Then we about the racist rants of Hulk Hogan and the subtle hidden racism behind all of your favorite main stream bigots. 

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DftUnderground Episode 272

Prince Lion Sound, NYC Reggae artist, gets down to talk about his tunes and his faith. We talk about PLS's music, and then we get into some of the controversies around Rastafarianism. 

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DftUnderground Episode 271

Dan from The Frightnrs gets down with us again to talk about how NYC punk has changed over the years, and about the most NYC of topics: gentrification...and we talk a bunch of shit too. 

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DftUnderground Episode 270

Conor Gallagher, Co-Author of ‘Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on America's Maoists The Revolutionary Union / Revolutionary Communist Party 1968-1980’ gets down to talk about the book and this most recent string of racist attacks against Black churches

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DftUnderground Episode 269

Al from Brooklyn Transcore gets down to sum up this years Punk Island festival

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DftUnderground Episode 268

Roger Walsh gets down to talk about his band Knucklehead, Punk Island, horse abuse, and tell a little story about how he met Joey. 

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DftUnderground Episode 267


DJ Grace of Spades is back to talk about Game of Thrones and her radio show, Watch This Sound

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DftUnderground Episode 266

Antonio gets down to talk about Punk Island, his stage there (Gilligan Stage), and the age of podcasts

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DftUnderground Episode 265

Creature of Rebelmatic returns to talk about hip hop and punk rock, and then we talk about some funny business


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DftUnderground Episode 264

Photographer Colleen Lidz gets down to talk about the struggle for affordable housing and doing Bike and Build this summer

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DftUnderground Episode 263

Dan of the NYC reggae band The Frightnrs gets down to talk about his band on the first part and backwards pieces of shit on the second part

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DftUnderground Episode 262

Creature gets down to talk about his band, Rebelmatic and Baltimore's brave rebels

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DftUnderground Episode 261


DJ Grace of Spades gets down to talk about LOVE SO NICE and the dos and don't of the DJ struggle, then we try to get some perspective on the devastating earthquake in Nepal

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DftUnderground Episode 260

 Todd “The Rod” from Propagandhi gets down to talk about how Propagandhi comes up with the songs they come up with - from writing riffs to how they come up with their lyrical content, then Todd and Joey talk about the Middle East, from Palestine to Syria. 

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DftUnderground Episode 259

Writer Steve Cuffari is back to talk about his stories and the creative process on the first part of the episode, and on the second part Christine Kim joins us to talk about the new TV show "Fresh Off the Boat"

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DftUnderground Episode 258

Scott Sturgeon of Leftover Crack, SFH, & Choking Victim gets down to talk about staying principled in an unprincipled world, and keeping your sense of humor in an unfunny world, oh, and we talk about Old Dirty Bastard too. 

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DftUnderground Episode 257

Pinto gets down again to talk about the power our words have, words we are not supposed to use, and the TV he hates

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DftUnderground Episode 256

Mike Strange of the Punk Band SLOW CHILDREN from Southern California gets down to talk about the band, touring, & SOCAL Punk 

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DftUnderground Episode 255


Author Steve Cuffari gets down to talk about the exodus of talented people from the U.S. to other parts of the world, and then we talk zombies from Walking Dead to the new iZombie trash

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DftUnderground Episode 254

Jamie Hamma is back to talk about his new NYHC band Close to the Edge, his old bands DWI and Abject, and wrestling 

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DftUnderground Episode 253

Pinto / Lord Point from the Reggay Lords gets down to talk about the Lord's new album "Run or Get Down" and why Punk and Reggae goes together so well

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DftUnderground Episode 252

Jamie Hamma of NYC hardcore band Close to the Edge, and formerly of DWI and Abject, gets down to have a heart to heart about our father's passing away in the last few months. 

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Happy Vday! This week we revisit a classic from way back with former co-host Filthy Phill and Joey talking about relationships. 

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DftUnderground Episode 250

Brian Kleve gets down on this, our 250th episode, to talk about the challenges of personal change and then we explore the tribulations of THE John Carpenter

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DftUnderground Episode 249

Ira the Terrible is back to talk about The Grand Victory, some of today’s great NYC bands, and MMA

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DftUnderground Episode 248

Kleve gets down to talk about putting the past behind us and what makes a song great

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DftUnderground Episode 247

This week we RE-AIR a great episode about Islamophoia in light of the recent events in France and the looming specter of it’s future featuturing Dr. Elke Weesjes and Dr. Lori Peek

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