DftUnderground Episode 325

Joey heads to the protests against the RNC in Cleveland, reports on the scene, and interviews a pro-Trump crazy, and some anti-Trump friends about what the vile slogan "Make America Great Again" really means. 

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DftUnderground Episode 324

Alyssa and Emily from Planet Bitch Squad get down to talk about the production of their fantastic feminist zine on the first part of the show and then we get neck deep in the combat of street harassment 

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DftUnderground Episode 323

Alex and Nick of Indiana's Marine Corpse get down to talk about their music, the scene in Bloomington, and then we try to get some deeper perspective the murder of police, however you take that. 

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DftUnderground Episode 322

Lauren and Antonio get down to reflect on Punk Island 2016: the ups, downs, trials, tribulations, and the over all struggle of making an underground, noncommercial, free DIY punk show

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