DftUnderground Episode 246

Pop Punk Erin gets down to talk about Xmas, unity, and xmas tunes. 

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DftUnderground Episode 245

Agent Jay from the Slackers is back to talk about his other projects including the incredible CRAZY BALDHEAD, plus we talk about regrets and terrible fucking SKA bands!

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DftUnderground Episode 244

Ira the Terrible gets down to talk about the rebellion against the police in the US and dealing with drunks

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DftUnderground Episode 243

AMY 'ACTION' JACKSON gets down to talk about her GENTLEMEN OF PUNK ROCK NYC 2015 CALENDER and cats

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DftUnderground Episode 242

Ferguson: the police, the rebels, and the critics

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DftUnderground Episode 241

Agent Jay gets down to talk about the most recent Slackers tour and food or foodies or something like that

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DftUnderground Episode 240

NYHC allstar Dyami is back to talk about this most recent controversy about violence at shows and staying principled in an unprincipled world

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DftUnderground Episode 239

NY Hardcore booker and vocalist from Locked in a Vacancy, Dyami gets down to talk about ABC NO RIO and The Strain

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DftUnderground Episode 238

New York City Under Attack from EBOLA and Islamic Terrorists or something like that with GUEST: KLEVE

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DftUnderground_Episode 237

Harrison/ Akuma from Passage is back to talk about the connection between music and activism and  organizing against the police with community self defense 

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