Filthy Phill, former cohost of this podcast and frontman for the NYC punk band World War IX gets down this week to help me process and compare our adventures touring through Europe. We spend half the episode sifting through some of the weirder elements of the bohemian-esque lifestyle and of course we talk a lot of shit…literally this time. And we also talk about what’s new with Phill from bands to babies.

Plus we listen to tunes from WWIX, Screamin Rebel Angels, a band Phill and I were in together… THE WILL … from a lost recording we JUST released!

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Lauren Ross of the Dispatches from the Underground collective gets down to talk about the impact and fall out from the progress of the “Me Too” campaign as it tears through Hollywood and beyond. We get some perspective on how misogyny has ravaged the brains of all bros all around us, how coercion and sexual assault still ravage our society and how brave women are battling back to give us all a taste of the beautiful world we could have where women are not constantly demeaned and disempowered. And we engage the insane idea that “Me Too” could ever go too far in our lifetimes.

Plus we listen to tunes from X, Rats in the Wall, The Interrupters, and Sister Munch.

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Jay Crash and Kevin Hudson of the Portland punk band GROUND SCORE get down to defend pop punk in the face of Joey’s incessant ignorance, and talk about the past, present, and future of their band. Through the stories and shit talking we do end up getting some good solid perspective on community and punk in general too.

Plus we listen to tunes from GROUND SCORE’S brand new album, DIRTY KID DISCOUNT, NOOGY, and RATS IN THE WALL.

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Ryan Kollin, Lauren Ross, and Nicole Von Haack get down this week to talk shit about down and dirty DIY punk touring as we just got back from our month on the road with SKULL CASTER. Then on the second half of the show we review the authenticity of a horror (-esque) movie about punk touring, GREEN ROOM. And we leave you with a few simple ANTIFA tips on how punk bands can guard against ending up in these very real situations.


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