Al from Cop/Out, Trashy, and Leftover Crack and Kacie Kerrigan are back! We ring in the new year the only way we know how, talking shit and playing tunes. This episode we turn our sights to figuring out what is in store for us in 2021 but we don’t ignore the opportunity to take one last final dump on this dumpster fire of a year. We talk a ton of trash, sort through the things that need sorting through, find any kernels of goodness to carry with us into the next year, and make some extremely short sighted predictions about the fresh hell that awaits us next. It’s fun, but there is some feeble attempts to get some perspective in there too.

PLUS we listen to a bunch of 2020 tunes from Cop/Out, Days N Daze, All Torn Up!, and Pansy.

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