We get neck deep in bougie-ass politics this week. We talk shit about voting; whether we should do it or not. We talk shit about the incoming from the Democratic primaries, the outgoing of the Trump impeachment, and try to sort through the endless electoral cycle of death in which we find ourselves. And we also talk a lot about why the mainstream media and culture work so hard to keep the confines of political debate narrowly defined. By restricting the topics we consider debatable and whom we can choose to debate about, our collective conscious and unconscious is stifled from growing, and saturated with ideas in the interest of a bunch of bourgie-ass suckas. We talk politics in a way NO ONE else is, and then we drag that shit into into the gutter on our level, where that shit belongs.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Maafa, Cop/Out, FEA, and Lupus.

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