Mani Mostofi from the band Racetraitor gets down to talk about current political in the US, the continuing rise of the far right, and political violence, the latter of which is sorely needed at this moment. In the wake of the horrible murders committed by a rightwing shooter in Pittsburgh as well as these whacked mail bombing attempts by a mega Trump supporter, the mainstream media and government officials have made a massive effort to cast all political violence in the same light, lumping together these backward nut jobs or crazy ass proud boys with the righteous struggle of antifascists here in the US. We sort all this out in a way the mainstream media is fully unwilling or unable to do, and Mani breaks it all down with incredible clarity.

THEN we talk about Racetraitor’s new album “2042”, listen to a few tracks from their album and also listen to a few songs from Redbait and La Armada.

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