Al from Brooklyn Transcore gets down to sum up this years Punk Island festival

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Roger Walsh gets down to talk about his band Knucklehead, Punk Island, horse abuse, and tell a little story about how he met Joey. 

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DJ Grace of Spades is back to talk about Game of Thrones and her radio show, Watch This Sound

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Antonio gets down to talk about Punk Island, his stage there (Gilligan Stage), and the age of podcasts

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Creature of Rebelmatic returns to talk about hip hop and punk rock, and then we talk about some funny business


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Photographer Colleen Lidz gets down to talk about the struggle for affordable housing and doing Bike and Build this summer

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Dan of the NYC reggae band The Frightnrs gets down to talk about his band on the first part and backwards pieces of shit on the second part

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Creature gets down to talk about his band, Rebelmatic and Baltimore's brave rebels

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DJ Grace of Spades gets down to talk about LOVE SO NICE and the dos and don't of the DJ struggle, then we try to get some perspective on the devastating earthquake in Nepal

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 Todd “The Rod” from Propagandhi gets down to talk about how Propagandhi comes up with the songs they come up with - from writing riffs to how they come up with their lyrical content, then Todd and Joey talk about the Middle East, from Palestine to Syria. 

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