DftUnderground Episode 320

Chris Mann of The Grindbin Podcast, Intro5pect, Leftover Crack, and The Channeling gets down to talk about the tour we just finished together with Leftover Crack, Days N Daze, and All Torn Up! and all the greatness he is involved in and then, at the end,…we talk about trashy films

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DftUnderground Episode 319

This week we remember Dan Klein of the Frigntnrs by re-airing an episode he was on in March. We talk about his illness and through it you also get a real sense of who he is and his tremendous character. 

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DftUnderground Episode 318

Kate Hoos of Lady Business and Punk Island gets down to talk about the all the biz she does and then we talk Krystal Lake’s fashion statement #AmericaWasNeverGreat

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DftUnderground Episode 317

Jason Tancer of All Torn Up! gets down to talk about the joys of summer shows and the sorrows of recording studios, DIY and beyond. 


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DftUnderground Episode 316

Lauren Ross, Chef and DftU Collective member gets down to talk about "Feed the 5000" and developing and building our own visions even while capitalists try to break us into building their vision everyday

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DftUnderground Episode 315

Antonio Rodriguez of Punk Island and the DFTU Collective gets down to talk about PUNK ISLAND 2016 and then we get neck deep into Dispatches News trying and get some perspective on the plight of the Yazidi people in Iraq

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DftUnderground Episode 314

Artist and screen printer Maya Perry gets down to talk about the relationship between art and music, and the physical trauma we endure for our love and our communities. 

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DftUnderground Episode 313

Maddie Ruthless of The Far East is back to talk about putting emption into music and then we talk about racism in the mainstream

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DftUnderground Episode 312

Steve Morton of SBC Bookings and Zero Rights is back to talk about the Rock Against Racism shows across the country and Long Island specifically, and then we talk about how to break with backwards ideas by looking closer at crazy conspiracy theory shit. 

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DftUnderground Episode 311

Whitney, Geoff, Gray and their band mates in My Pizza My World get down to talk about their collective/band, women at the front, dogs, some Ooof Crew shenanigans, and a mess of other shit. PLUS the folx in Nomad Mountain Outlaws.

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